Our History

Klass Electronics was established in 1982, specializing in consumer electronics. Over the years the company has grown tremendously from a small scale operation to a world renowned electronics company. We have recently expanded to open a second location in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. We have developed strong ties with many of the major brands in the consumer electronics market such as Sony, Nikon, Olympus and Samsung, to name a few, and continue to explore opportunities to further our success. Our direct partnership with these major brands continues to help us maintain a high level of quality and service at Klass Electronics.

Our Goal

Our overriding goal is customer satisfaction, making the customer feel comfortable and satisfied with their shopping experience. We are also committed to providing our customers with a diverse range of quality products. Once a client enters our doors we have a direct personalized selling approach to cater to all of their electronics needs.

Strengths of our business

Our experience – Over the past 30 years, our team has developed very strong customer loyalty due to the ‘personal touch’ that both the management and the sales team bring to the buying experience. Customer loyalty comes from local customers, as well as returning cruise ship crew members, and tourists who revisit the island, all of whom form an indirect marketing channel for the business. Due to our longevity on the island, we have immense and growing knowledge of market demands and customer desires, and are constantly updating our product range accordingly.

Staff - We have a team of professional and courteous sales staff with strong product knowledge.  Members of the team are multi-lingual which is very important on a culturally diverse island like St. Maarten.

Brand Partnership - We are direct partners with many of the major brands. Our strong ties allow us to promote the various brands in an aggressive manner. Many of these major brands have very high restrictions and have stopped giving out dealership in our region, so having these ties established over the years has created a very valuable relationship.

Customer base - Due to the high level of service and personal attention that our clients receive, our company has very high customer retention. This has significantly built up over the years. Many of our customers are extremely loyal and trust our organization, and promote our store as such.  The main customer base includes local customers, cruise ship crew, cruise ship passengers, and stay over tourists.

Location- The store is located in a prime location at the heart of the shopping district in Philipsburg on Front Street. We have been at the same location since inception and thus receive many recurrent customers.